About Us

Pipe's Practice Trax is dedicated to providing singers and choir programs with high-quality rehearsal tracks. Our goal is to help choir members learn their vocal parts easily and efficiently.

Pipe's Practice Trax

Mastering music in a choir can be a challenging task. Rehearsal tracks, however, are powerful tools that can make the learning process faster and lead to a more accurate performance. At Pipe’s Practice Trax, professional musicians take over the job of recording rehearsal tracks so choir directors can focus on musicality over note-plunking. Submit a request your choir’s repertoire and allow us to help elevate your choir's performances to new heights.

How it works:

The first step is to submit a repertoire request. Your request must include the number of students who will have access to your repertoire. Pipe’s Practice Trax submits licensing requests to each publisher for each song in your repertoire, ensuring that the recordings you receive are legal and the copyright owners are compensated for their creativity. These requests often take 4-6 weeks for approval, so plan accordingly. If the song is not in our recorded repertoire we will purchase sheet music and get started on recording while we wait for the licensing to go through. If the song is already part of our recorded repertoire, you will receive an email with a purchase link as soon as the license is granted. Once payment has been made you will receive another email with a download link.

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